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Energetico Solutions

  • We deliver ANY humidity level required with independent humidity control setting*

  • We provide sensible temperature control

  • We provide up to 100% fresh air ventilation

  • We wash and purify both incoming and exhaust air

  • We can run a decontamination mode to clean indoor air based on healthcare expert protocols

  • *[Research links air between 40% and 60% relative humidity (RH) with less-effective aerosol travel, shorter airborne and surface survival times, lower transmission rates (Noti et al., 2013, Marr et al., 2019, Wang et al., 2020).  “Keeping indoor RH between 40% - 60% is the best single intervention we can do to diminish infectious aerosol transmission. In addition, when ambient RH is around 50%, our respiratory immunity is optimized. Conversely, at 20%, this natural barrier is greatly impaired.” - (Stephanie H. Taylor, MD, M Architecture, FRSPH (UK), Ashrae D.L.)]

Thermodynamic Breakthrough Allows Energetico to Achieve Virtually
ANY Temperature and Humidity Conditions
  • Green line vs. blue line and red line demonstrates thermodynamic shortcut & energy savings compare to other systems

  • Energetico can humidify, dehumidify, cool & heat to virtually any desired condition unlike any other tech

  • Avoids “rework cycle” of conventional A/C  and solid desiccant systems

Clean Air

Liquid salt biocidal and anti-virus properties

  • Destroys air-transmitted bacteria, mold, viruses, and allergens

  • No condensate removal system = no algae/bacteria buildup on coils, drip pans or lines

  • Gets rid of odors
Virus Covid-19 / Influenza


Pollen / Fungus / Mold

Cost Savings

Energy Costs

(operational Expenses)

  • 30-50% lower energy consumption by avoiding “rework”  of  conventional systems and by managing moisture content with salt instead of mechanical vapor compression of conventional systems.

First costs

(Upfront Capital)

  • Systems sized more efficiently by handling more latest cooling than conventional units.
  • Smaller capacity compressor, heat exchanger, etc reduces equipment costs
  • Zero-down, shared energy savings payment option
Maintenance costs
  • Eliminates intensive maintenance – no air filters, evaporator coil, pans, condensate removal systems.

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