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Our Story

In 2007, a team of engineers and inventors who were responsible for creating precision climate control systems for notoriously difficult buildings observed that the traditional HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) wasted a lot of energy, were filthy, harbored mold, bacteria and viruses and dangerously spread airborne pathogens into indoor spaces. It was also becoming clear that HVAC is expensive to run and maintain, is damaging to the environment and is a key contributor to pollution and climate change. They imagined there must be a better way to implement HVAC to tackle these several pressing problems. 

In 2019, these technologists took their core ideas and inventions to create Energetico to commercialize the world’s first “All in One” Climate Processors® to build upon their previous inventions and literally reinvent air conditioning as we know it -- their idea was that we could improve the health and comfort of people globally, save money and save the environment with our new technology.

Founded on this belief, we have strived to reinvent HVAC and have created products to make people more comfortable and healthy in their spaces, while helping to heal the environment and save money in the process! 

Company Overview
  • More than 1700 installations commercially worldwide with proven performance of 10 years+.

  • Pioneered liquid desiccant technology for cooling and dehumidification with broad patented portfolio.

  • Headquarters in Miami, offices/reps in Israel, India, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Europe, Latin America.

  • Featured in CNBC Squawk Box, Los Angeles Times, ABC, CBS Sports,others.

Energetico Highlights

Validated Tech, 50+ Global Patents, Expert Team


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